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Totes not stolen from Dreadful-Etiquette
What is your username?:
Spell it backwards: ruonahC-xx
Spell it with your elbow: xx->C V>bhan our (dafuq)
Spell it with your eyes closed: xx-chanour (Woooh)
Spell it with your forehead:  sd-+-+cfuhyèézahyuçiuè_y -yè (...)
Spell it with your nose: xx-chanour
Slam your face on the keyboard:  kijuhy uj
  • Listening to: Something with guitars
  • Reading: What I'm typing
  • Watching: My screen
  • Playing: Nothing
  • Eating: Nothing for now
  • Drinking: Water
Full Name: Juliette G.
Public Nicknames: Juliette,Juju
Friendsdogboy357 , Dreadful-Etiquette , Rin-Sylveon-Chan , K-atzy , xSketchieDreams , Derpyna , tealredrom, CobaltTheFox  (tell me if I forgot anyone x_x)
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Acceptable Pronouns: She/Her
Sexual/Romantic Orientation: Pretty unsure right now,heterosexual/heteromantic or fully bi
Date of Birth: October 7th,1999
Zodiac: Libra
Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff
Birthplace: Calvados,Normandy
Current Residence: Seine-Maritime,Normandy
Occupation(s): High Schooler

Blood Type: I dunno
Nationality: French
Ethnicity/Ancestry:  French,and a small chance that I have some Polish ancesters
Height: 170 cm I think
Weight: I don't wanna know
Bodily Build: Chubby legs but I think my belly is pretty skinny?
Eye Colour: Dark brown
Hair Colour: Light brown I think
Skin Tone: White
Scars/Markings: N/A

General Attitude: I try to be friendly and nice
Life’s Aspirations: My boyfriend and the guitar I'll get soon
- Favorite Foods: Pizza,cakes,sweets
Religion: N/A
Likes: Music,drawing,animes,singing,playing the keyboard
Dislikes: Being alone,some noises that I really don't like,people making ironic jokes I don't get
Fears: Having no friends at all,being lost somewhere

Father: Really good c:
Mother: Same
Sister(s): None
Brother(s): Mehh
Pets: 3 cats and one fishy fish
  • Listening to: Mirai Nikki oppenings OVER AND OVER AGAIN
  • Reading: What I'm typing
  • Watching: My screen
  • Playing: Pokemon X
  • Eating: Nothing for now
  • Drinking: Water
Two gays doing their duty by xx-Chanour
Two gays doing their duty
A random thing for Rin-Sylveon-Chan and Bocchinocullen saving the world with their gayness.
I made that on Rinmaru ^^
'One hell of a guitarist' by xx-Chanour
'One hell of a guitarist'
I am so sorry Sebastian XD I was bored and I wanted to try to add Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji XD
Abd the girl on the left is me 'u' I am going to get guitar lessons next september,and maybe my uncle will borrow a guitar from one of the customers of his shop for me >w< 

Sebastian belongs to Yana Toboso.
The picture here was made using Rinmaru.
Answer 13 by xx-Chanour
Answer 13
"What kind of music do you like to listen to? Asked by EternalSwine 

Sorry for the long wait!I had this finished in my folders for a while now,but I forgot to post it ;~;
Base © softybases 


xx-Chanour's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
My name is Juliette,I'm 15 years old,I'm a female brony (I don't like the term "pegasister" :/)and I like drawing,singing,and reading.My favourite pony is Twilight (princess or not,she's best pony)

Don't be scared to talk to me,I don't bite,and I really like to get comments on my drawings.It means that you aren't some sort of robot that faves random pictures and actually have an opinion about it x3

If you want to get informations about my commissions and customs,go in the folder My Little Pony,and look in the folders "Commissions" and "Customs" and then note me if you want one ^^

Do not use,post,recolor,copy any of my pictures without my permission.Thank you.

Base account: :iconchanour-bases:

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Read those journals.The prices are there,and nowhere else,so please at least take the time to read so you know if they are open/closed,and the prices.
My boyfriend <3 :icondogboy357:

My friends:

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